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How to Make Money Online and Create the Life You Want

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We don't believe the the rhetoric that people don't want to work. They are just tired of their hard work paying off for someone else. They are exhausted by the way the system works. No one believes money comes free. They only want the opportunity to live the life they want; that we believe they deserve. 

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You're living in a historical time and you may not even know it. More and more people have taken their life into their own hands by simply stepping out on a limb. They are leaving the traditional workplaces in droves and creating opportunities to live the life they want. Whether you are looking for a new career, just need a little cushion in the bank, or just plain bored with the way things are going and it's time for an adventure, we've compiled some pretty useful information you may find intriguing. And yes, we do a lot of these ourselves!

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Make Money on Fiverr

Making Money Online is Easier

Whether you have services to offer (of literally any kind) or you just want to help others find Fiverr and earn money doing it as an affiliate, their platform connects creatives and professionals from all around the world. 

click a snap affiliate


Make Money with Photos

Everyone is a photographer these days. There are some pretty great cameras on your cell for instance. Take photos of anything you want, upload to ClickaSnap and get paid anytime someone evens looks at your photos! You can also sell them!

swagbucks make money from home


Supplemental Income

Swagbucks has been around for quite some time and that's because people actually make a good supplemental income with this company. Getting started is FREE and earning money costs your nothing unless you make a purchase.


Sell Books on Amazon

Supplemental Income

The Bookflipper program allows members to find profitable books to earn money online. Essentially you'll want to sell on Amazon through this platform but it's a great way to make a part time or full time income! 

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Make Money with Various Jobs

If you are looking for work at home opportunities, flexible schedules, full or part time work, Flexjobs is a great place to start. Get career advice, find training and events, and more! 

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Get Paid Dog Sitting

Set Your Own Hours and Rates

If you are an animal lover and want to help others with the care of their four-legged family members, consider becoming a dog walker or a pet sitter through Rover.


Amazon Affiliaite

Make Money Online

We all know someone that shops on Amazon, here's your way to make money online without inventory. As an Amazon affiliate, you can earn money with simple linking to products.


Inbox Affiliaite

Side Gigs for All

Earn money with short surveys, videos, for shopping, coupons, playing games, and so much more on! A great way to supplement your income with very little effort.

abc fundraising

Be a Fundraiser Consultant

Help Others and Make Money

Have you ever wondered how you could help organizations raise money for their cause while also making an income at it? ABC Fundraising may be what you're looking for. Start by requested their free info packet.

Do You Want to Start Your Own Business But Don't Know
What to Do?

Have you ever considered starting your own business but had no idea where to start? Read through this list of more than 75 business ideas that you can get started for less than $100! 



There is a difference between a vacation planner and a travel agent though the line is very thin. You can become a vacation planner by simply advising people of the vacation spots you’ve visited through your blog or website; maybe a “how to” save money taking a road trip. This is great because you can start with local areas to write about and then publish your articles on a website people will visit when looking for things to do! Buy a domain name, build a website, and add your content! (Content = what you have to say). Ask your friends to help you spread the word and you’re ready to go!



Sewing is not a skill everyone has and for some it’s not a skill that can be acquired. People will pay for someone to repair their items or make new items fit better. Make hand-me-downs look like new, make homemade dolls, baby blankets, and so much more. This is an easy thing to do from home or on location! Start a mobile alterations business with your sewing kit, some business cards, and your imagination!



Believe it or not, there are some people that when they even think about shopping, they experience serious panic attacks. Not everyone enjoys shopping but there are those of us that love it. People who love shopping generally find the best deals and unique items; does this sound like you? Do you enjoy garage sales and thrift stores? Not that those are the places you will shop for your customer at but those “sifting through the rough” skills will come in handy. You can get started by placing free ads online, ordering some business cards, and hitting the pavement to get your name in front of people. Think outside of the box. Partner with grocers or corporations that need a gift shopper and don't even know it yet.




We have the Internet, cell phone, apps, etc. to keep us in the loop yet some never find the time to organize outside of their technology. There is a great need out there for organizers. In this fast-paced world of technology, you’d be amazed how disorganized everything else is for some people. From home offices to garages to kitchens to office spaces; you name it, it can be organized. Again, relatively little start up costs; some business cards and a couple of online ads that you can post for free on various sites. ( is a great start as it can be specific to your area).



With time constraints, there are consumers that will pay you to organize a party for them. Whether it be a child’s birthday party, a first-time mom baby shower, a bachelorette party, a wedding shower, a graduation party or anything that can be celebrated, the list goes on and on. If you are good at organizing parties or people are always telling you what a wonderful host you are then consider event planning. You can set up shop online, create your design ideas on your laptop and build a portfolio. As you get a couple of parties under your belt build a website to exhibit your work. Be sure to do a great job for each client as word of mouth referrals are huge for business.




There are companies online that will allow you to market their company to places such as schools, churches, sport organizations and more, to offer fundraising services and then they will pay you a percentage of the organization’s sales just for getting the companies name out there! ABC Fundraising is a great starting point to get your foot in the door of this industry and there is a wide array of fundraising events to keep you busy.




Find the state regulations for a notary license, pay for the license fees, and get going! A mobile notary business is becoming more and more sought after profession. Not everyone can make it to the bank during lunch to have the document signed, that’s where you’d come in! Offer your services with a small travel fee and pretty soon you’ll have a sustainable business. Relatively small start-up costs to acquire the license. 




This is a pretty straightforward profession. There are companies out there that will pay to have someone enter data that is handwritten or recorded. For instance, there are companies that have field representatives entering sales on that good old fashioned carbon copy forms, a small business perhaps, and it would be useful for them to have all of that data entered into a record keeping system. If you are good at Excel or some other program that allows you to create spreadsheets, then market that skill as well. Some business owners just don’t know where to start or don’t have the time. You’ll be doing them a favor doing something you’re good at and getting paid for it. Perfect trade!




An ever-growing profession, medical transcription is in growing demand. In this fast-paced medical world, doctors will pay to have their medical records typed into professional records. There are courses and certifications classes available to take to help you learn the profession. 




Do you like to BBQ on the weekends? Are people always complementing your food? Then why not consider BBQ on the weekends for money? There are people out there planning weddings, company events, receptions, birthday parties, weekend parties, and more that are willing to pay someone to do the hard stuff ... cooking! Make sure your prices are competitive to the big company caterers and usually you’ll include the cost of food in your final invoice unless you charge on a per plate basis.




While there are great avenues for selling your handmade products, such as flea markets, online, swap meets, wholesaling and more. Set up your own online shop and sell your own products. You can sell ANYTHING online. From eBay to Etsy, there are plenty of online platforms to choose from when it comes to selling your products online. 




Along the same lines as BBQ catering, people will pay for personal chefs to come to their home and prepare a healthy menu or simply to do some light cooking for them so they don’t have to.




Writers of all industries need a good proofreader. This is valuable to them as it allows personal feedback and not just what the spell check can do. Authors of books are always looking for people to proofread for them.




Web designing is an easy task to do at home on a part time or full time basis. Small business owners will pay someone to create an online presence for their business and large companies will pay someone to revise content of their already established website.




Check with your local churches about this one. Sometimes they only hire from within their congregation but some churches want someone outside the organization to assist in managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the church.




Look in the want ads of your local paper or even on, you will find an abundance of jobs within this field. It seems to be an undying profession. Education is required of course but usually you can go to school for less than a year to get certified in bookkeeping but to advance in accounting you will want to look into a 2 to 4-year degree program. This profession allows you the flexibility of working from your own office or working from your own home office. At times you can even meet your clients at the local coffee house or their location. Typically, small business owners will utilize your service because you'll save them more money than that big accounting firm will.




Fashion is an ever-growing and always changing profession. People will pay someone for throwing outfits together or dressing them for particular events. If you have good fashion sense, you don’t have to design clothes to get into this field, you just have to know what’s in and what’s out. Believe it or not, not everyone is capable of matching.




This tedious profession allows you to set up mailing lists for companies and sometimes these businesses are willing to pay for lists of potential customers in their area. The good thing about this profession is you’re able to sell the same list over and over again to different companies. Keep an organized record of your contacts so you become known as the person who provides updated information.




Everything has been moving online for a while now. Companies will pay high dollar for research on any given topic they desire. Some companies want to know about their competitors while others seek trends in the market. Either way, if you are organized and can find just about anything online, this may be the gig for you!




Whether you post on ad on craigslist or pay for an ad in the phone book, people will call on you if you can fix things, build things, tear down things and more. Handymen are in high demand because people are tired of paying way more than they should for someone to come out and install a garage door opener. More and more are seeking independent contractors for such little jobs.




Same thing here, people are tired of keeping up their own lawn they would prefer to pay someone to come do it for them. If you can push a mower, you can have your own lawn service. Weed-eating, planting flowers and cleaning out flower beds are all things you should know how to do when starting a lawn service. Not hard to learn if you don’t.




You will find that most service businesses will be catering to helping other people have more time in their lives such as dropping off the dry cleaning and picking it up. You will not have anything hard labor to do and the cost of the dry cleaning will be incurred by your customer. They are simply paying you for your time.




This is similar to dry cleaning delivery and you may even have picking up the dry cleaning as an errand. An errand runner handles more things such as making bank deposits, grocery shopping and more. Being organized is key in this profession.




Companies will pay a courier versus using UPS, USPS, FEDEX or DHL. Often times these companies use a courier service because something needs to be delivered from one end of town to the other. Important documents are usually what you will deliver. Realtors, law firms, medical facilities all use couriers.




Many companies are willing to pay a small percentage of their transactions through referral fees. Some of those companies are companies you use anyway so ask them what kind of referral programs they have. Sometimes you can earn cash toward your account for a simple referral, saving you money! For example, furniture rental places often times pay $15-$25 for new referrals. That’s money applied to your account and generally there is no cap to how many referrals you can make. So if you know of someone looking for a particular product or service, refer them and let the company pay your bill.




These days everything is about convenience, and if you’ve ever moved before you know the hassle is not only in the packing but also in the moving. These are the people that are willing to do their own packing but then entrust you to move their belongings. You’ll need a truck of course.




If organization is your thing, then building birthday lists for others should be a breeze. Maintaining an online list and a reminder calendar for your clients will not only help them to remember those important dates but once you have lists built and set up for your clients it’ll be a breeze to keep up with the reminders. After all, birthdays don’t change do they?




People will pay to keep the exterior of their brick or stone homes; even the vinyl siding can use a good mild wash every now and then. All you need to get started is a power washer and a long brush that you can attach to the end of a water hose. Depending on the arrangements you make beforehand with the customer, bringing your own hose or using theirs is optional.




These days everything is about convenience and a mobile concession booth is one way to earn money. This will take some money to get started no matter what you decide to sell from your mobile concession. You've seen the taco trucks, the cupcake stands, the snow cone booths, the BBQ stand and more of those mobile food carts driving around.




Do you make great cookies that always receive compliments when others taste them? Turn it into a business! I don’t know about you, but I used to work in call centers and administrative offices. The vending machine snacks and carryout food gets old. I remember appreciating the little old lady that showed up once a week to sell her homemade cookies. Just with our building she’d sell out every time.




Photography is probably one of the most lucrative at home businesses there is. If you have a good eye or you’re always taking awesome family photos, then maybe a career in photography is the field to consider. Whether it’s newborn baby shots or kids school graduation or prom pictures; people always want to create memories through photos. In this business you may opt to take the pictures and upload them so that your clients can make their own mementos.




This is a new and interesting business idea as the area of at home businesses continues to explode. Maybe you’ll get hired to do online research or hired to make lead generation calls from home or even to organize appointments. The list goes on and on.




Think strip malls and outlet stores with large store front windows. Locate the stores that are constantly updating their windows with new artwork and offer to clean it off when they are done using it. Even those that don’t utilize window marketing will appreciate keeping their store windows clean and fresh so that their business looks welcoming to customers.




In this day and age, again it’s all about convenience, people will pay to have someone come in to do a light dusting or a heavy clean of their residence or office space. Some companies will require you be bonded and insured in order to maintain a custodial service to their company.




Apartment complexes and homes for sale are always in desperate need of make ready services in order to increase the turn around on vacant properties. The faster the make ready is completed the faster it’ll be to rent or sell.




Flyer distribution has long been known as one of the easiest and fastest ways to get in front of potential customers. Businesses use flyer distribution as an affordable avenue of marketing. I break this profession down for you in “Recycled Marketing” ... should you decide on this line of business, consider getting the e-book as it breaks everything you need to know about making it a “Green” flyer business.




Now we are not talking about putting a yellow vest and walking the highways to pick up trash. Apartment complexes, office buildings, and even restaurants will pay to have someone keep the trash up leaving their employees to take care of something more important.




Restripe parking lots, paint mascot paws on resident driveways and more. Donate part of the proceeds to the local school and there you go ~ you’ve become a donator to the school at the same time as earning a living. It’s no different than fundraising. Of course paint and brushes are required but you’ll also need to obtain a stencil of the mascot to be painted. Start with some simple town; one with tiger paws ;)




This may sound pretty easy and guess what, it is. Over twenty billion gallons of water are consumed by Americans every day. Imagine being a part of THAT chain! Depending on where you will sell the bottle waters, it might be a good idea to contact a water bottling company about reselling their product. There is more to it than going to buy a case of water and selling each individually. You will want to research the reselling laws for your state. There are also bottling companies that allow you to create your own label for their bottled water that you then sell.




Animal lovers adore their pets and nothing is too good for their four legged children, especially homemade pet treats. There are easy recipes online and you can even check with a vet to see what animals can and cannot eat. Use plastic baggies and some ribbon, slap a sticker on the front that you have printed off your own computer and presto you have a marketable pet treat!!




If you keep a blog, you may already be well on your way to creating an e-book! If your blog is on a specific subject, then it makes it easier to compile those articles you wrote and create the e-book. There is software available online that allows you to create your own e-book and companies that will help you.




A great way to make some extra money is through your blog. It won’t be what you write that gets you paid but the ads you put on your blog. Consider Google Ads or signing up with Commission Junction to create your own ads via advertisers using affiliates. Check out Hubpages to get started. 




More and more consumers are going online to find companies or local businesses. Why not make it easier for them to find the information instead of the typical keyword search which results in thousands of pages to sift through.




In this economy consumers are seeking the cheapest insurance plans available. With millions of uninsured Americans, the need for insurance salesmen is increasing. There are many programs out there that will utilize affiliates.




Ah! The dreaded telemarketing calls, well someone has to do it and believe it or not, your own attitude will make or break you in this field. Customer service is lacking these days and while all the jobs are heading overseas, employers are beginning to realize the need for in state call-takers. Having a phone line is really your only overhead until after you get started. Being organized is also important.




Technology is the way of life in this generation and personalization is “hip” so starting a business line of computer gifts can be a creative and innovative way to create income for yourself. This can be anything from designing mouse pads to creating virtual cards.




Real estate laws vary by state so be sure to check licensing requirements prior to venturing out into a property management business. (If you are in Texas, here is how to get licensed). Once you've done that however, property management can be a lucrative business and allows you the flexibility of creating your own schedule, working from your own home office while still generating the income. In Texas, a lot of out of state residents are buying up Texas properties and using them as rental income. They need a local person to assist in collecting rents, marketing their properties, creating lease contracts and maintaining maintenance requests. The beginning of each month will more than likely be your busiest time as you'll be collecting and depositing rents.




In this day and age everyone needs a resume. There is enough competition out there already with the rising number of unemployed seeking jobs. You'd need very little overhead to provide this service to others. Charge a minimal fee; after all they are seeking a job so are probably limited on funds anyway. But there are also those that are seeking a career change and will utilize your service to improve upon their resume. If you're a good writer, this could be a fun side job.




Contractors in particular utilize messaging services. This could be as simple as sitting home and answering the phone while taking messages, setting appointments, or providing information on their company. Create a "resume" flyer detailing your experience in this field and then market yourself as an independent contracting service. There are benefits for companies using independent contractors so be sure to convey that in your marketing.




Even small business owners need collection letters written every now and then. The services you provide could be competitive, if not cheaper, than retaining the services of a larger collection agency that will only half way do the job correctly.




One thing contractors have to always make sure they do on a jobsite is cleaning up after the job is done. Most know it’s a requirement of the job but they still hate to do it. So getting your name out there as an independent contractor that will handle the clean-up should be relatively easy. They simply call you when their job is done to come clean up. You’ll need a truck and a few tools but that’s about it. Make sure to get the business cards too.




People will pay as much for a dog walker as they will a babysitter. Believe it or not, pet owners regard their pets as an extension of their family so there is nothing they won’t do to ensure their pets comfort. Some pet owners work crazy hours so it’s in their benefit to have someone stop by to let their pet out for potty or playtime.




Whether it be an internal memo or an external newsletter on the business or organization, a great way to keep their name in the public eye is to provide information often about the happenings going on.




This is a new and upcoming market as everything is going video so why not capitalize on that? There are so many things that people will pay to video all in the name of making memories.




You could write wedding announcements, graduation announcements or just about anything that can be “announced.” Some people don’t have the time and some don’t have the “skill” so you step in, charge a minimal fee, and write the announcement for them.




If something has just been built, they will need a paint job. If someone is looking to update their dwelling, they will want a paint job. If you simply want to go out and paint a hop-scotch on an apartment complex sidewalk, they’ll want a professional painter to do it. Even if you want to start small and paint a room, you can still be a painter.




Nothing tells mom you love her more than a day out sans the kiddos. Start a day sitting service for mom’s day out. Check your state's regulations on childcare.




Homemade dolls are a growing market. If you can sew or have an original doll idea, you won’t believe the market available to you. Even if you just start out selling your dolls at flea markets, online, or even EBay; you’re sure to find a market for your dolls.



This is a pretty nifty field to get into as you can do it from anywhere. An example would be someone who rents their cabins out to tourists or vacationers. If they have their info online, they will want someone to take calls or schedule reservations. This isn’t like a hotel; it’s more personable because the cabins are typically rented out for a week or two at a time. The owner may also want you to schedule maid services once the guests have checked out.




Businesses want to know what their competition is doing right. They want to know what consumers want in a product or service. Most of the time market research simply entails making a lot of calls and gathering information. The companies will let you know what they hope to achieve with a specific market research campaign. Market yourself as the professional that can get that information.




If you have a knack for story-telling, then writing a children's book may be a business you want to consider. Once your story is written there are many self-publishing options, inexpensive cover design options, and more.  




While classes upfront are what you will spend money on, getting started in real estate is possible without spending a lot on those fees. Find out the paths available to you in the real estate industry and getting started here.


BE A FREELANCER ON FIVERR is perfect for those with online talents, from providing writing services to creating digital media, business card designs, and more. Anything you can provide through an online market you can do on Fiverr.


BECOME AN INSTACART SHOPPER is perfect for those seeking part-time employment and love to shop for others.  




Similar to Instacart, is perfect for those seeking part-time employment and enjoy running errands for others.




If you are looking at blogging to earn an income from home then consider signing up for Suburban Misfit Mom, the perfect place to be who you are while talking to other moms.




If you are seeking a distribution opportunity with a well-regarded company, look into Kyani.



Pet owners will appreciate (and pay you for) convenient services that are straight to their front door. No more dropping off the four-legged family members at the groomers.



Another profession to consider if you love animals is dog training. You can set this up as a mobile business as well. 



Moonwalk rentals are a huge market to consider. If you have around $1500 you can purchase a moonwalk and start renting out.




Get started with Avon for $15 but you'll also want to buy additional brochures and samples so assume you'll need around $200 to get really going. The company sets you up with a website at no charge and your sign up kit includes everything you need to get started.




Freelancer is a great site to post and search freelancing jobs. There is no cost associated with searching their database and there are an abundance of positions available.



Legit Writing Jobs is an online resource for writing jobs and is also free to join. Now, whether you find a job on here or not they still have some great resources to get you going in the right direction.




Clickbank is a simple, though long process, of promoting other people's products and making money from it. You should not expect to begin making money right away, it takes time to build traffic but affiliate marketing has long proven to be a reliable form of money making online.




Vindale Research is a research company that pays users to complete surveys. Yes, they are legitimate surveys. I actually complete a few everyday. This WILL NOT make you a full time income but even an extra $200-$300 a month can help right? The highest commission comes from referring people to your link so this actually pays off if you tell people about it and not keep it to yourself. There is an increase in companies paying for opinions and feedback.




Focus Forward Transcription offers users to work directly for their company providing transcription services. This is an actual position and should not be confused for a sign up page that you are then referred out to other links.




Oboulo is a long term residual income opportunity as you load old college papers and eventually someone will buy them as reference material for their own schoolwork. Students cannot copy your paper but are able to reference it and you get paid! Simply sign up, load your papers and that's it!


Ever thought about starting a t-shirt company with designs you've created? Printful is the place to get started and not worry about inventory! Go here.​


Fantastic for someone looking to supplement their income or just looking to purchase "Posh" products. Get more information here.


Learn how to get paid for content you write! It's free to sign up and super easy to use! Click here to get started.


There is an investment here but Mary Kay has been around so long that it is an established name in the industry. Click here to start now.


You can choose to join Pink Zebra for $99 or $199, depending on the starter package you want to start with. Learn more here and get started today. 


There is an investment here but not made available to you until you submit your contact information. Click here to start now.



Get started with Tupperware for $99 plus marketing materials you'll want and samples. Click here.



There is an investment here of $99 for the enrollment kit that includes bags to sell, you just host a party and earn 25% commission. Click here to join now



There is an investment with Chloe and Isabel Jewelry of $175 and an application to get approved as one of their merchandisers. 



Sell your own products or simply create affiliate ads for other products and earn a commission. Click here to learn more. It doesn't cost a thing.



Sell CBD oil products from CBD Essence and earn money helping others learn about and purchase products from your very own website. All set up for free. Learn more here or get started right away here. 

legit work from home opportunity.png

Be a Referral Agent

Help Others by Referring

You set your own hours, you work where you want, and you decide how much work to put in. This is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. Learn more.

lyft logo.png

Become a Driver

Set Your Own Hours

If setting your own hours and having the freedom to manage your own schedule sounds appealing to you, consider becoming a Lyft driver in the Greater Austin Area. 


Start a T-Shirt Business

Get Creative and Sell

Check out one of our stores here. When your ready, take your creative ideas and turn them into t-shirts and more products that you can sell online or through your website.

CBD Oils and More Lady of Hemp

CBD Industry

Build Your Dream for Free

CBD Oil and Hemp products are quickly becoming a household name. Get your foot in the door of this massive industry with a FREE start-up site. Make your dreams come true by working for yourself.

how to be an apartment locator in texas.

Become an Rental Locator

With Your Real Estate License

Learn more about becoming a successful rental locator in Texas here. If started out in the real estate industry was a little harder than you thought it'd be but you're ready to start making money, this may be the path for you.

Start Here

Affiliate Marketing

Get Started Today

Have you ever wanted to learn the world of online marketing and affiliate linking? Find your one stop shop here for almost all the affiliate links for Clickfunnels.

More Coming Soon!

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