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Everything You Want to Find in Hutto, Texas is a one-stop shop for everything Hutto, Texas has to offer. It is the only website that compiles all of the information on Hutto into one handy location. Find a company in our directory, order in or dine out from our Hutto Eats page, learn about Hutto's history and how hippos became the town's emblem... the list goes on and on.

You can take what you find here with you wherever you go, or use it to prepare for your next day trip around the Austin area. Are you planning a move to Hutto? Make contact with a real estate expert or check out the resources on our Move to Hutto page. Find things to do, places to see, interesting facts to know on iHutto. There's something for everyone!

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hutto directory find in hutto businesses

A true small town busting at the seams and known as the Hippo Capital of Texas, Hutto is quickly becoming known as one of the fastest growing areas in Texas. Find our complete index of Hutto businesses, here.

Hutto Journals and Planners Hutto gifts Teacher gifts.png

Looking for your own Hutto Journals or for a unique teacher gift? Find a wide variety of journals and planners created with Hutto residents and visitors in mind. Useful and original journals and weekly planners are available on Amazon now. 

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Hutto has something to do almost every month. Community and annual events are hosted by the city and local organizations that look to bring entertainment to Hutto. Find more about Hutto events on our events page.


Williamson County Historical Commission Hutto Texas

Photo Courtesy of Williamson County Historical Commission. Learn about the history of Hutto and see photos of the town. Learn about Hutto, Texas and how the town came to be.


Brushy Creek in Hutto Texas

Hutto is filled to the brim with parks, nine and counting. With covered pavilions that can be rented for a fun day out, plenty of sports fields, a splash pad, and more. Want to find a great walking trail in Hutto? We have those here too!

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Whether you are looking for a business in Hutto that is hiring, looking for ways to supplement your income, or want information for how to start a business in Hutto, Texas, use our Job Page to find what you need.


Look through our gallery of photos of around Hutto taken here and there over the years. If you have a photo you'd like to share with us, feel free to email us! We're collecting memories!

best of hutto awards

The Best of Hutto Award, organized by, recognizes local businesses, local restaurants, service companies, and entertainment in Hutto that have been voted on by residents and customers of Hutto. 


Started in August 2019, iHutto hosts an Annual Hippo Decorating Contest sponsored by local businesses. Every year we are growing more and more and residents want to show off their hippos! Our contested is voted on by people from all over the U.S.

Candy Corner Souvenirs in Hutto Gifts in Hutto Gifts Shops in Hutto Bless this Nest in Hut

Downtown Hutto is full of extraordinary architecture from days long passed while embracing the new and modern needs of each and every one of its community. Come see what awaits. in Downtown Hutto

food pantry in Hutto texas food bank hut

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance during trying times, the Hutto Resource Center is available to help. Local food bank and financial services available for residents of Hutto, Texas.

Lawn Mower

Whether you are looking for contractors for major repairs, home improvement companies, real estate agents, landscapers, and anything else you need for your home ... we have it all for you on a dedicated page.

Hutto Middle School in Hutto Texas

Looking for information on schools in Hutto? Find a list of all Hutto schools, programs, and resources for parents in need of help. From elementary to high school, you'll even find childcare in Hutto too! 

realtors serving hutto texas moving to h

Are you moving to Hutto? Looking for a Realtor that specializes in Hutto real estate? We have moving tips, local resources to make your move easier, and more on our Hutto Real Estate Corner page. 

Hermes Hippo Car Hutto Texas.jpg

Looking for things to do in Hutto? Interested in learning more about local annual events? We have the calendar of events and more on our things to do in Hutto page. 

concrete hippos in hutto set in stone

Looking to purchase your own concrete hippo in Hutto? Find a wide variety of shapes and sizes in Downtown Hutto or through a local entrepreneur online! 

hutto eats restaurants in hutto places to eat in hutto dining out in hutto carry out in hu

Hutto has hometown cooking to fast food chains to food trucks and everything in between. Get your grub on with Downtown Hall of Fame, Snuffy's Hippo Cafe, Mario's, Putska's BBQ and more Hutto restaurants and places to eat.


Hutto Highlands hutto neighborhoods

Looking for information on schools in Hutto? Find a list of all Hutto neighborhoods, amenity information, and resources for those needing help finding a real estate agent to assist you. When you find the neighborhood you are looking for, check out our moving page for more resources!

hutto cooking school cooking classes for

Look through our kid directory for programs and activities in the Hutto area for youth. Whether you are looking for childcare in Hutto, youth sports teams, or for things to do with your family in Hutto, we've got what you're looking for.

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Looking to give back to your community or in need of local resources to help you get through a rough patch? We've compiled the local Hutto non-profits and more.


explore texas travel texas things to do

Explore Hutto, hippos and more. If you are travelling Texas and come across an area where hippos roam free, don't worry, you didn't go too far. Explore Hutto, Texas, home of the hippos. Find things to do in Hutto and the best Texas food you'll find in the state. Welcome to Hutto, Texas. 

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iHutto is focused on achieving a single aim. To make it easier to find what you're looking for in Hutto, on one convenient  spot. Keep Hutto Beautiful and Hutto Resource Center are two fantastic non-profit organizations in Hutto that you will find on our website. Do you require the services of a real estate agent? Real estate agents serving Hutto include Rustic Oak Real Estate, Re/Max Vision, Home Sweet Home Real Estate, and more. With firms like Christian Brothers Automotive and others, automotive repair in Hutto is easier than ever.

On our beauty page, you'll find hair salons in Hutto like The Studio or barber shops like Knockouts Haircuts for Men all in one spot. Cakes by Kass or Tiff's Snacks Cookie Delivery are good places to start if you're looking for sweet treats in Hutto. Set in Stone Statuary sells concrete hippos, Creative Learning Center provides childcare in Hutto, and you can get pizza from Double Dave's or choose from a variety of Hutto Eats selections.

Find liquor stores in Hutto such as Starbeam Liquor, dog boarding at Camp Bow Wow, or get your student signed up for driving classes in Hutto with the Hutto Driving School. Relax on the weekends with Cozy Vape and Herb Shop, a chimney sweep by Top Hat Chimney Sweep, or get the house cleaned with Mae's Cleaning Service (voted the Best of Hutto in 2021).


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Explore Texas and Find the Best Travel Destinations

There is so much to do in Texas that we had to put all the travel destinations in one convenient place. From national parks to water parks, find your next adventure in Texas.