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Fourth Annual Hippo Decorating Contest

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The Fourth Annual Hippo Decorating Contest is upon us. We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful and creative entries this year!

The 2022 Entries

Come back here soon to see this year's entries!

The Prizes

Come back here soon to see this year's prizes!

The Boring Stuff

Terms and Conditions

  • There are no entry fees for the 2022 contest.

  • Residential and Business hippos will be in separate categories.


    Any size concrete hippo will be accepted. 

  • Hippo must be decorated and/or painted. Any theme.

  • Only 1 vote per IP address and email will be counted.

  • If multiple hippos are owned, multiple submissions are not allowed. Only enter one hippo.

  • Must be creative and imaginative. 

  • Nothing vulgar, discriminating, hateful (you get the picture) will be permitted.

  • Location of hippo must be in Hutto and verifiable.

  • Name and address of hippo must be included to be entered.

  • Entries will be accepted until 5PM on August 13th.

  • Voting will begin August 13th through August 30th.

  • Winners will be announced September 3rd via Facebook

Submit your entry to with Hippo Contest in Subject and the name of your hippo

or use the contact button below.

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