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Non-Profits in Hutto

Helping Hutto and Serving the Community

These non-profit organizations are the heart of Hutto, Texas. Giving back to the community and never giving up in achieving their goals. 

For more resources in the Greater Hutto Area. be sure to visit our Community Resources page for everything from counseling, emergency shelters, domestic violence resources, where to get clothing and food, and any other help you may be seeking.

hutto resource center hutto texas food b

Hutto Resource Center

PO Box 65
Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 688-0176



Hutto Education Foundation

200 College Street

Hutto, Texas 78634


hutto young life hutto texas.png

Hutto Young Life

Hutto, Texas


(817) 688-4131


hutto ymca.png


200 Alliance Blvd

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 846-2360


luken foundation

Luken Foundation

5450 CR 100

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 484-9540


hutto area chamber of commerce.png

Hutto Area Chamber of Commerce

122 East St

Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 759-4400


keep hutto beautiful foundation hutto te

Keep Hutto Beautiful Foundation

PO Box 591

Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 524-6774


friends of finn hutto texas

Friends of Finn

500 Chris Kelley Blvd 

Hutto, Texas 78634

(972) 965-8679


hutto rotary club

Hutto Rotary Club

402 Church Street

Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 759-2064


goodwill hutto tx

Goodwill Central Texas - Hutto

560 US-79

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 846-1131


Hutto Community Watch

Hutto Community Watch

Serving the Hutto Community

Hutto, TX 78634


the sandbox at madelines places hutto te

The Sandbox at Madeline's Place

10700 FM 1660 South
Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 365-4855


hutto lions club

Hutto Lions Club

302 College St 
Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 341-0024


feeding the 5000 hutto texas.png

Feeding the 5000

402 Church Street
Hutto, Texas 78634

(512) 759-2064


veterans collective

Veterans Advocacy Collective

104 Tradesmen Dr.

Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 626-9720


Hutto American Legion.png

American Legion Post 302

636 W. Front Street #1100

Hutto, Texas 78634


From the Founder of

100% of all proceeds from online book sales for Hippo Henry & Friends are currently being donated to local Hutto non-profit organizations. Longhorn Larry seeks to utilize all revenues to Texas charities. 

hippo henry and friends book
Longhorn Larry.jpg
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Fundraiser Ideas

Helping Hutto and Serving the Community

Are you a non-profit organization looking for ways to raise money for your cause? Here are some of the top ways to raise money. 

Fundraising Can Be Fun

There are many ways to raise money for your organization and the great thing is, you don't have to stick to just one idea! Believe it or not people are still in the giving mode these days, despite the economy, because everyone has a hope that things can get better. Here are some ideas to get your fundraising project underway! Use one or use them all but have fun with it!

Sell Homemade Sweets

Get some volunteers together to make cakes and cookies. Sell them in a traditional bake sale or get people involved by turning that bake sale into a cake walk! Everyone loves a good homemade sweet, just like mom makes.

Sell T-Shirts

Cafepress and TeeSpring are awesome (free) fundraising tools to create and sell your own t-shirts! It not only allows you to create your own products, but it will set up the website to sell theses items from, you promote it and patrons go online to purchase items.

Sell Cookbooks

Cookbooks are an excellent way to raise money! Collect recipes from members of your group and turn into a recipe book to sell.

Jelly Bean Profits

Jelly Bean Guessing Jar. You can actually use anything you can stick in a jar but the basic premise is that a patron will pay a set amount to guess the quantity of the items in the jar for a chance to win that jar!

Sell Ad Space on Website


Another way to raise money for your organization is to sell ad space on your website to local businesses that could benefit from the promotion. Your organization will not only raise funds but also help a local business at the same time. 

Sell Personalized Bottle Water 


Sell Bottle Water. Perhaps your group is already hosting an event, set up a booth and sell bottles of water that have your organization's logo on the label. There are water bottle companies that have programs set up for just this kind of thing.

Car Washes

Car Washes are still a great way to make money for your cause! Typically you can find retailers that will donate supplies needed for the event then set a base price for a wash and have a sign that you will take donations.

Garage Sales


Community Garage Sale ~ gather items around the house, invite other group members to donate items to sell and host a garage sale.

Sell Cookie Dough


Selling Cookie Dough is always a big hit! Moms love the reusable container with dough to go a long way and the kids love the cookies!

Host a Banquet

Host an event, serve food, sell tickets. A banquet is a good way to get sponsors in one room to talk about your non-profit organization. Find a location, get food donated, and have a magical night while raising money! 


Raffles are great for events where you expect to have a lot of people and have the opportunity to host a raffle. Find a local business that is willing to donate a great prize, sell tickets to patrons at your event, and toward the end announce your winner! Immediate proceeds!

Recycling Cans

Collect Cans. Ask group members and maybe community members to drop off empty cans and bottles. A great recycling option that also raises money for your organization by turning them into profit.

Sell Coupon Books for a Profit


Coupon books are successful because not only will it raise money for your cause, it will also save people money with the coupons!

Sell Storybooks


iHutto has written two children's coloring storybooks specifically to raise money for non-profit organizations, schools, and teachers. Books can be shared via Amazon link or copies purchased as wholesale and sold at events.

non profit marketing at affordable rates.png

All logos are property of the non-profit organization and used by iHutto strictly for the purpose of bringing community awareness to their cause.

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