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Concrete Hippos in Hutto, Texas

Created for Hutto by a Hutto Resident, Greg Ray

Concrete hippos are roaming around Hutto. Set in Stone Statuary, Greg Ray, brings you his custom flat head hippos and all kinds of shapes and sizes are available in finished or unfinished. The Hutto Chamber of Commerce also sells a variety of sizes  in concrete hippos. We've also collected the names of people in Hutto that can paint your hippo!


How much is a Hutto hippo? Prices can range anywhere from $10 to a few hundred depending on the size hippo you want and where you purchase a hippo from. How do I get a Hutto hippo? To purchase your own concrete hippo in Hutto, contact Set in Stone Statuary. The Hutto Chamber of Commerce also has concrete hippos available for purchase.  

concrete hippos in hutto set in stone

Set in
Stone Statuary

Voted Best Place to Buy a Concrete Hippo

Looking for a unique take on the concrete hippos in Hutto? Reach out to Set in Stone Statuary, a locally owned and family operated business in Hutto.

Set in Stone Statuary

(512) 609-0013


hutto chamber of commerce hutto texas hippos of hutto

Hutto Chamber of Commerce

Concrete hippos at Chamber of Commerce

The Hutto Chamber of Commerce  in Downtown Hutto also sells a variety of sizes in concrete hippos.


Hutto Chamber of Commerce​

122 East St, Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 759-4400


Harry Potter Hippo.jpg


Are You Looking for a Hippo Painter in Hutto?

If you are looking for a hippo painter in Hutto, we have them here and we're locating more. 

iHutto does not sell the concrete hippos.

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